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Commercial and Residential Tree Services

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Tree branches can overwhelm homeowners once tree limbs become unruly or as in the case of all types weather involving wind, rain or snow can lead to these branches fall off the tree all together. This can cause damage to homes, cars and sometimes worse. Storm damage response is crucial with Mother Nature always bringing some new weather pattern our way. We will not only clean the downed branches and limbs, but we’ll make the needed inspections.

Commercial Tree Trimming and Pruning

Keep your trees looking healthy and more beautiful! Your property will be safe against falling over during a storm or flying through the windows of your commercial property. Regular maintenance is a job for certified arborists. We will come out and evaluate your case/situation and we’ll make a plan of action to solve the issues.

Like tree trimming, pruning helps shape trees and help them grow along with surrounding landscaping. Trees and bushes of all shapes and sizes should be pruned.

Tree and stump Removal and Grinding

No matter the size or type of tree, we can remove it for you!

When trees grow and are old, without the proper care, lack of water, tree diseases or pest infestations, trees become dry and brittle. A strong wind can leave you with a tree in your living room or showroom floor. Let us take care of the removal and save you the headache.

Let OPExcellence grind down the large stump left behind from past owners of your property, or the stump preventing you from expanding the driveway or sidewalk.


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